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Pro Mod 4.2.1

2015年01月09日 插件相关 暂无评论 阅读 2,252 views 次


The Pro Mod Winter Event has come to an end! Don't worry though, Spring is just around the corner!
April showers bring may flowers... and updates to zombie apocalypse games.

- Updated Tank Rock Stumble Block plugin.
- Fixed local mute plugin not loading due to missing translation files.
- Changed local mute commands from !mute and !unmute to !smute and !sunmute to avoid conflicts.
- Updated GeoIP Database.
- Updated dozens of outdated retro stripper files.

Map Changes:
Dark Carnival 1:
- Blocked a stuck spot on top of the bridge semi truck.
- Added an ammo pile spawn in the corner motel room near the police car.
- Made the path to the motel roof spawn require less jumping.
Dark Carnival 2:
- Fixed Chargers getting stuck on the lip of the ramp charge-off at the ladder choke.
- Blocked witches from spawning during the event.
Dark Carnival 3:
- Blocked Suvivors from getting on the shelves in the room after the swan maintenence room, as common cannot path there.
Dark Carnival 4:
- Blocked Survivors from getting on top of the tents before the end saferoom, as common cannot path there.
- Fixed not always being able to charge, jockey, and pull survivors off the lower barn roof sections without getting blocked.
- Blocked witches from spawning during the event.
Dark Carnival 5:
- Fixed sometimes getting Tank-punch-stuck in ceiling clips in the stadium.
- Reduced the volume of overhead fireworks.
The Parish 2:
- Improved clipping on new wall on the right side of the park.
- Fixed getting stuck on an awning while climbing up an SI ladder during the event.
- Lowered witch max spawn % to 95% to prevent witches spawning in saferoom.
The Parish 5:
- Blocked Survivors from jumping onto the semi at the start.
- Fixed Survivors getting Tank punched onto the tall concrete blocks at the start.
- Fixed the 2nd finale tank never spawning.


As previously stated, the website will be ready for the 4.3 release.

Developers : Jacob, NF, epilimic (Inactive), Stabby (Inactive), CircleSquared (Inactive), Visor (Redtown)
Main Contributors: Blade, CanadaRox, Jahze, Prodigysim, Sir, Tabun, Vintik

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