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Witch Party! 2.2

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Massive thank you goes out to purpletreefactory, stabby, canadarox, dr. greg house, jacob, nf, mcflurry, tab, and everyone who has helped me in any way, shape, or form! This would not have been possible without you guys!

2.2 Changelog:

Any possible sniper spawn in the game has a 25% chance of being either a HR, Military, AWP, or Scout.
HR - clip size changed from 15 > 10, cycletime changed from .25 to .55
Mili - clip size changed from 30 > 15, cycletime changed from .25 to .55
AWP - clip size changed from 20 > 15, damage increased from 115 to 140
Scout - unchanged
See http://buttsecs.org/snipers.html for a full comparison of the snipers.
Note: laser sights are disabled for snipers, they will only work on shotties and the direct hit noob toob.

New plugins!
Defib witches. When a defib is used, you still lose 50 points but now 3 witches will spawn in a radius around the player. Don't miss!
Gift of life. Whenever a gift appears from killing SI, get it! It has a 75% chance of giving you 5 perm hp, and a 25% chance of spawning a witch!
Witch on incap. Whenever a player goes down, a witch spawns ahead!
Witch DPer. Now for every 25 points worth of pounce damage dealt, another witch will spawn. This is cumulative which means a 25 point pounce will spawn 1, up to a 200 point pounce which will spawn 8!
Healer Witch. Every crown now gives you 10 perm and 10 temp hp. Player health is uncapped.
Witch always incaps. Regardless of how much health you have, if she swipes you, you go down.

Brought static spread back, here are the values:
shotgun_chrome scatterpitch 3
shotgun_chrome scatteryaw 3
shotgun_chrome bullets 17
shotgun_chrome damage 14.5
pumpshotgun scatterpitch 4
pumpshotgun scatteryaw 4
pumpshotgun bullets 20
pumpshotgun damage 12.5

The rest!
Removed a couple plugins from individual versions and now use tab's versions (skill detect, etc).
Added back in gas cans, propane, fireworks, and oxygen tanks. Fire from fireworks/gas cans acts the same as a molotov does: half damage to tank, double damage to survivors.
Updated the pounce/crown tracker plugins & databases. Now they are very reliable.
Fixed a couple cvars from not resetting properly on match unload.
Despawning your hunter will fully restore your hp.
Added a random moustachio chuckle on readyup.
Added chainsaws back but nerfed them from 100 > 40 dmg per hit.
Unbanned a lot of tank %'s to allow for more variance.
More hats! There are now a total of 64 hats. Coming soon: Custom hat models!
More mapsets! I've now included an additional 20 mapsets to play! See what's available at: http://buttsecs.org/cmt
Various plugin updates

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